Most of the forest equipment often has to be operated during winter season too. Usually, winter season is also considered to be the best time to do the logging operation.

When the grounds are frozen then logging operation becomes much easier. However, if the equipment is not taken proper care during this season, then it can create a big havoc in the logging operation.

You may also visit the website and ask them for various guidance while using their equipment during the winter season.

Following are few of the things that are recommended for winter season operations of these forest equipment.

  • Consult operation manual

In order to get proper guidelines about winter maintenance, you must always refer to the operator’s manual regarding the guidelines about coolant, engine oil and fuel.

Also, check the battery before the winter season starts, and periodically throughout your work season.

The owner’s manual has complete information on how to check hydraulic and fuel filters, and provide you specifics about when they are to be replaced for best performance.

Also, check electrical wiring, do the inspection of rubber hose/parts, and don’t forget to refill the fuel tank daily.

  • Do the greasing on metal parts

It is essential to grease all the unpainted metallic parts to protect against various elements. In order to get maximum stability, try to inflate the tires as per the recommended PSI.

Before you take the equipment on road make sure that you clear all the debris, ice and tree branches etc.

When the equipment is not in use then try to park all its attachments in a safe storage place.

  • Always warm up the diesel machine

It is essential that every morning before you use the equipment, you need to warm them up as they are diesel operated equipment. If you skip this procedure then there are chances of leakage or gasket failure.

Just by taking some time, your engine oil and also the gauges for coolant will get ready for operation and will ensure that no damage will be done on the engine.

  • Regularly inspect the machine

It is necessary that you must always inspect the equipment before working with them for the safety of the equipment as well as for the operator.

This will help you to avoid any kind of equipment failure and also no accidents are caused to the operator.

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