Whenever it comes time for you to look for a new job there are quite a few considerations for you to make. It is never as simple as just saying ‘I want this type of job only’ or ‘I want the highest salary’. Instead, there are always many different factors that you need to work through before coming to an answer as to the best job role for you. This is where you need to consider all of your options and make a decision as to whether you are looking for ultimate job satisfaction or just the highest salary you can get in your job search. There is no right or wrong answer generally with this, it is always a unique experience that only you can answer. Working with a recruitment agency to find a job will help you discover your own personal strengths and weaknesses, desires and what type of new job you should be searching for.

Especially right now, the pandemic has changed the career paths of many people in the country, who are now taking stock of their current employment, or who have been made redundant during this time or shifted to remote working. Things have changed, and more of us than ever before are asking questions about what it is we actually want from our working life. Some of us do want greater job satisfaction and a job role that is more meaningful to us personally, rather than just focusing on what salary we can achieve.

It is important that you start with the basic premise of writing down what you want from your life. Do you want a busy work life that provides you with responsibility and a good salary but might mean you work longer hours and at weekends? Do you want more time for your family and social life, with fewer responsibilities in the business? Every person is different, and it is about finding what satisfies you and work from there when finding a job role that suits you for the long-term.

With the changes to the economy and the change in how many industries work since the lockdown restrictions – such as remote working, work from home and other flexible notions of work – there has been a pause for many people and companies as to how to shape the future. Within some industries there has been a willingness to find new employees, but there is often a struggle to find skilled workers for the correct roles.

Working out whether you want a work life that provides you with the greatest level of job satisfaction or a job that gives you the best salary you can get for that specific job is always going to be a very personal decision for you to make. If you have decided that job satisfaction is more important to you, there are ways you can go about finding a job that suits this approach. Speak to a recruitment agency that can get to know all about your likes, your skills, qualifications and what you are truly looking for from your career. With this in mind you can be matched with the perfect job role and advised throughout the recruitment process for a company that will hopefully give you a satisfying career, rather than just a well-paid job that leaves you feeling cold every day when you wake up and travel to work.

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