Event marketing is a properly organized promotional strategy that is essential for conducting a successful event. These helpful ideas and tips help you reach your audience and develop a buzz for the trade show, corporate event, or conference.

Kob advertising is one of the leading event advertising agencies strategies timing and uses different advertising schemes to ensure your event is seen, remembered as well as attended by the target business audience.

Setup your Website for the Event

The first thing that you need to do for your event promotion is to set up either a standalone website, or simply put a contact form, and landing page on the existing website. This will help you focus on SEO efforts and branding of the event.

Keep the domain name of the website easy to remember and create the design around CTAs that gathers visitors to the registration page.

Use Pop-ups on the website

Another thing that can be done to boost the conversion rate is to place pop-ups on the website. It ensures that visitors can easily find out details pertaining to the event and you can easily direct them to the landing page, or dedicated site.

Include Bios, and Pictures of your Guest Speakers

Popular speakers are one of the major attractions for the event. You must ensure that you include a page dedicated only to the speaker. It can include photos related to the guest speakers, along with their credentials, qualification and experiences, which make those, entitled to speak at the event.

Create impactful videos that showcasing your speakers, and event

Videos are a highly impactful form of marketing of an event. It is very useful especially when you wish to distribute it across social networks that include Facebook, and YouTube. A basic video can be put to generate excitement for the event.

Make sure to create to include venue shots, past events footage, showcase your speakers along with the clips, and details pertaining to the schedule at the time when you run them.


An integrated event promotional strategy helps you maximize event attendance and create a buzz about your event. A fine combination of social media, content marketing, podcast, and video marketing, and email marketing, will all help you get the desired results.

Make sure you begin event marketing a lot sooner from the event date and continue it post the event to make the maximum out of it.

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