More businesses are opting for hybrid and heterogenous IT environments, primarily to harness the advantages of both cloud-based and on-premise solutions. While the benefits of a diverse IT framework are real, businesses also have the challenging task of managing access to data on both platforms. This is where cloud identity management becomes so relevant and necessary for companies, regardless of niche, size and other aspects. In this post, we are talking at length about identity management and why your company needs to be concerned.

The increasing risk of insider threats

In a large company, hundreds of users and employees have access to data, apps, frameworks and programs, at the same time. Also, numerous employees are joining the enterprise on a regular basis, and they need to be granted rights as needed, while rights of employees leaving the organization have to be revoked immediately. Insider threats are a matter of concern, because in case of a breach, it can take weeks before the actual situation can be judged, and consequences of data breach & noncompliance are well-know. With an identity management suite, it is possible to establish a system, where the management has clear visibility of who has what information, and who is accessing an app or program at a given time.

What to expect from identity management suits?

The process of creating a suite for identity management is a customized one, and it depends on the needs of your company. However, the primary goal of such a suite is to simplify access management across hybrid IT environments. It also creates a platform for monitoring access to critical data, and the management will have control on granting, revoking rights of people working within the organization, including privilege accounts. The best identity suites are designed to sync with Azure native API and Azure AD, which is an advantage, and many tasks can be automated as required. All gaps in governance can be covered for, and besides cloud identity management, all on-premise access rights can be managed easily.

The future ahead

Investing in identity & access management may seem like a choice, but for the future ahead, it is a step ahead towards proactive stance against data breaches and insider threats. It may take a while for your organization to figure out the need and extent to which identity management may be relevant, but it’s necessary and cannot be avoided. Think beyond compliance – identity management is critical for better data security.

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