With so many options already in the market, planning to buy car insurance online can sound stressful. However, due to technological advancements, buying a car policy online has become hassle-free and efficient. We have way past when multiple influential insurance agents would sit on our heads trying to sell off something we don’t need, further creating dependency on quotes and coverage information. With just a few clicks, we can easily compare rates, tailor our coverage based on our policy needs and buy car insurance online in the comfort of our homes.

This article will look into the best online car insurance shopping methods available.

What are the Things to Look for Before Purchasing Car Insurance Online?

  • Understand your Requirements

Before purchasing a car insurance policy, the first thing to do is to understand your essential requirement, i.e., the range of coverage, type of policy, etc. For instance, if you have a new expensive SUV, getting a comprehensive coverage plan is better than a third-party insurance plan.

  • Check IDV

The Insured Declared Value is the highest sum of money you may collect if your car is stolen or permanently damaged. It is essentially the present market value of your four-wheeler, and you must not take coverage with a lesser IDV. In addition, choosing a lesser IDV may lower the insurance premium, but it will not cover the associated maintenance expenses, resulting in more significant long-term costs.

  • Add-on Covers

Then you have to think about whether you need add-on covers and, if you do, what kind of add-on covers you need. Various add-on covers are available, such as roadside assistance, in case of breakdown, flat tire, or other roadside emergencies. Then personal accidental cover provides support in case of death or permanent disability due to an accident. Further, also think about how this coverage affects your coverage and budget. It would be best to compare these various aspects with a basic plan to understand your needs better.

  • Cashless Facility

A cashless facility is a facility through which you can get your car repaired with any network garages mentioned in your policy without paying a single penny from your pocket. Instead, the insurer settles the claim directly with network garages without you paying anything for damages and repairs. Such a facility allows you to manage your monthly budgets better without the stress of unexpected costs for your car.

  • Compare Quotes Online

Then compare your car insurance quotes online, taking into consideration whether you want to go for any voluntary deductibles, whether your insurance company provides any discounts if you install any anti-theft devices, what is claim settlement ratio of your insurance company, how flexible is your insurance company with regards to payment acceptance, and how efficient is their service etc.

How to Buy Car Insurance Online

  • Step 1: First, calculate car insurance premiums with a car insurance calculator available online on various insurance companies websites.
  • Step 2: Visit a trusted insurance company’s website
  • Step 3:Then you will be directed to a page where the insurance website may ask you for a registration number
  • Step 4:Then click on the get your quote box.
  • Note- Some websites may also ask for details like car brand, model, fuel type, car variant car, registration year, registration location, and so on to move further.
  • Step 5: Then provide your name and mobile number to get the car insurance policy quotes
  • Step 6: Based on your requirement, Choose a car insurance policy quote
  • Step 7: Go for payment for the chosen insurance policy. You will get the policy document through your registered email.


The above points may assist you if you plan to buy car insurance online in India. These are the best method and will aid you in nailing any worries and selecting the best plan for your vehicle and your budget. You must have four-wheeler insurance that ensures that you and your vehicle will be covered in the future. Whether you want your own damage insurance or third-party car insurance, first evaluate your needs & budget before choosing the best car insurance online.


People Also Ask

Which is better, buying new insurance online or offline?

Online car insurance is the best option as it is transparent, flexible, and tailor based, and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Is it good to buy new car insurance online?

Yes, Whether you want to buy insurance for a new car or get your insurance renewal, it is best to do it online as it allows you to compare and give you the best options available per your budget.

Is online insurance safe?

Yes, purchasing insurance online is safe and reliable, as insurance companies provide complete transparency on their website.

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