Even the best concrete surfaces must be repaired at some point. The use of epoxies in concrete repair is no a new thing. There companies that specialize in the manufacturing and production of epoxies, urethanes, acrylics, and ester blends, which have varied applications, including the construction and concrete industry. In this post, we are discussing the pros and cons of epoxy to repair a section of concrete.

How is epoxy used?

Cracked concrete can be repaired in a number of ways. The use of epoxy injections is to restore the strength of a cracked concrete surface, through welding and bonding. There are many reasons to consider epoxy, but most important, this is an economical and permanent solution. The thickness of the content, extent of damage, and other aspects must be considered before using epoxy injections. Epoxy helps in welding the crack, and the bond strength is always higher than the actual concrete, so you can expect genuine results. Sometimes, foundations are prone to more load, and that may lead to unexpected cracks, which can be repaired with epoxy.

What are the pros?

The biggest advantage of epoxy injections is weld strength. This is greater than concrete, so you can expect the cracks to get repaired permanently. Epoxy works best on dry surfaces and can be also used for metal and wood surfaces. For specific needs of the construction industry, epoxy injections are absolutely worth the money spent and are preferred by contractors. Also, epoxy can be used for most interior and exterior services. The quality of industrial adhesives has improved considerably in recent years, and many companies are producing products that are meant for concrete repair and construction needs only.

On the flip side

Compared to urethanes, epoxy is expensive, which is something to take note. Also, epoxy injections may not work for wet surfaces in particular, as the wetness impacts the bond strength considerably. For projects where the foundation is moving, cracks are likely to reappear on concrete, so epoxy injections are not suitable for all projects.

Final word

There is no denying that epoxy is great for concrete repair, and if you are looking for products, we recommend that you check for leading manufacturers who deal in varied epoxy and urethane products. Consider the range that’s meant concrete and check if that fits the needs of your business and project. The pros of epoxy definitely outweigh the cons.

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